AZA Commander Podcast

ep 8 Spelltable the good the bad the ugly

December 01, 2023 Azombyapocalypse
AZA Commander Podcast
ep 8 Spelltable the good the bad the ugly
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Show Notes

STEVE: Let’s start with the basics today, Q1 What is Spelltable? 

(TIM) HISTORY: SpellTable is on online platform for playing paper MTG. It was introduced in April 2020 as VirtualEDH after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, they expanded beyond Commander to other formats, rebranded with a new name, SpellTable, in May 2020.In August 2020, the creators of SpellTable joined Wizards of the Coast. It was announced that the considerable resources and relationships provided by being part of Wizards of the Coast would allow them to continually improve the app. 

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(STEVE) FEATURES: SpellTable offers integrated audio & video, built in card identification, life, damage, and infect tracking, multiple video layouts, a turn indicator, and a turn clock.  

TIM: Q2 To move into our discussion today, what are the broad positive and negative aspects of SpellTable?  

STEVE -  cons day and night pros all the features 

 TIM - Connect over distance, card reader, keeps track of life/poison/commander dmg, must have the tech to use it, not the same as in-person play 

STEVE: Q3 Next up, let’s talk about what you need to play commander on SpellTable, so what’s on the list, what do we need?  



Internet connection 




Commander deck (digital or paper) 

Add-ons (Tokens, readable dice)  

Non-confusing playmat 

TIM Q4: How can you use an online deck-builder like Moxfield or Archidekt on Spelltable?  


STEVE Q5: What our first setup was and how has it changed over time  

TIM - Cardboard box with a hole in it!  




TIM Q6 What is good Spelltable etiquette? 


who should answer questions about cards/effects  

Pointing out important cards 

Screaming Assholes 


Keep your board organized  

How long to wait for someone to come back when getting logged  

Call your plays

STEVE Q7: What are some cards that don’t work well on Spelltable?  

TIM -  

Shadow of the enemy 


The Horus Heresy  

Emrakul, The Promised End   


opposition agent  

Saurons ransom  


Perplexing chimera 

TIM Q8 Finally, today we are gonna talk about some technical problems we’ve experienced and how you can fix them. 


Broken Lobby 

 Someones camera not working for one player 



Card reader not working (Flipping video makes card reader work less)

Make sure sources are correct for microphone/camera (readjust sources) 

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